Between Stroke and Shape: Procedural Understanding of Painting

  • Author(s): Sunil Lohar
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10001
  • Pages: 01-06
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

Hiv/Aids Awareness and the Level of Sexual Risk Behaviours Among Senior High School Students

  • Author(s): Jomarie V. Baron
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10002
  • Pages: 07-13
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

Jonson’s Comic and Satirical Genius: An Analysis of Satiric Portraits and Comic Elements in the Alchemist

  • Author(s): Shamaila Amir and Fayyaz Ahmad
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10003
  • Pages: 14-18
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

A Review on Psycho Physiological Impacts of Yoga on Anxiety in Undergraduate Students

  • Author(s): Vikram Sharma and Dr. M.L. Jaidka
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10004
  • Pages: 19-22
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Fe(Ii) and Ni(Ii) Complexes with Schiff Base; N-2-Hydroxy-1-Nathalidene-P-Methoxyaniline

  • Author(s): Ibrahim A.K
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10005
  • Pages: 23-29 
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

Relevance and Effectiveness of Farmer Training Centre’s (Ftcs) Based Training in Gurewa District,East Hararghe Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

  • Author(s): Suleymen Abdureman
  • Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I10006
  • Pages: 30-60
  • Full Text (PDF): Download

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