Assessment of Stakeholder Engagement in Construction Project: An Empirical Study of Keenjhar Lake Project

Author(s): Abdul Ghani Abbasi, Mehtab Abbasi, Sonia Memon, Waqar Mustafa, Mohammad Aslam Leghari
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20001
Pages: 01-10
Full Text (PDF): Download

Assessing the Challenges and their Management aspect for Sustainable Usage of Rural Water Supply Practices: In Case of Babile Woreda

Author(s): Nuradin Abdi Hassen, Suleyman Abdureman Omer
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20002
Pages: 11-25
Full Text (PDF): Download

Coronavirus: The Role of Religio-Cultural Conspiracy Theories Toward Containment Efforts in Nigeria

Author(s): Benjamin Tyavkase Gudaku, Vincent Bulus
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20003
Pages: 26-31
Full Text (PDF): Download

Digital Skills to Enhance Womens Empowerment in India

Author(s): M.K. Ganeshan, Dr. C. Vethirajan
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20004
Pages: 32-40
Full Text (PDF): Download

Vote Buying and Selling in Nigeria: A Socio-Cultural and Economic Perspectives

Author(s): Benjamin Tyavkase Gudaku, Vincent Hassan
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20005
Pages: 41-50
Full Text (PDF): Download

Occupational Stressors and Performance Motivation on Non-Teaching Personnel Job Satisfaction

Author(s): Madelyn S. Elumbaring
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I20006
Pages: 51-56
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