Improving Methods To Increase The Fire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Author(s): Tursunbaev Muhammad Turdimat Ugli
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I40001
Pages: 01-04
Full Text (PDF): Download

Specific Features of Preparing The Population and Territory for the Consequences of Landslides

Author(s): I.G.Хodjiev, R.S.Reymbaev., Х.М.Dysmatov., J.B.Yarbeкov
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I40002
Pages: 05-07
Full Text (PDF): Download

Improvement of Rescue Operations Related with the Destruction of Buildings and Structures

Author(s): B.S. Mirzakabilov, B.T.Ibragimov
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I40003
Pages: 08-12
Full Text (PDF): Download

Safety Measures at The Construction Site

Author(s): Mirakhmat Mirvokhid ugli Mirvaliyev
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I40004
Pages: 13-17
Full Text (PDF): Download

Exploration of The Profitability of Small Enterprise and The Improvement of Inner Opportunities To Growth Its Volume

Author(s): Akramov Jamshid Doniyerovich
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I40005
Pages: 18-19
Full Text (PDF): Download

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