The Effects of Financial Management Practices on SMEs Financial Performance: Evidence of Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Author(s): Jehad Hussain, Irfan Ullah Stanikzai
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80001
Pages: 01-14
Full Text (PDF): Download

Uncovering the Differentiation and Agency of Peasants within Palm Oil Production in Ghana: Reviewing the Literature

Author(s): Ernest Darkwa, Gloria Erica Atrsiku
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80002
Pages: 15-20
Full Text (PDF): Download

Greed or Grievance for Explaining Civil Wars: Revisiting the Literature

Author(s): Gloria Erica Atsriku, Ernest Darkwa
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80003
Pages: 21-33
Full Text (PDF): Download

How Will De-growing the Economy Be? A blend of the De-growth Narrative in Enhancing Livelihoods and Development

Author(s): Gloria Erica Atsriku
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80004
Pages: 34-37
Full Text (PDF): Download

What Happens in A Change Management Process? Revisiting Ghana's Polytechnic Education

Author(s): Ernest Darkwa
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80005
Pages: 38-43
Full Text (PDF): Download

Bermed Earth Thermal Shelter As A Viable Alternative To The Conventional Building Form

Author(s): D. T. Halla, S. Sawa, U. Mohammed
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80006
Pages: 44-49
Full Text (PDF): Download

Planning for Spatial Distribution of Healthcare Infrastructure in Mubi North Local Government Area

Author(s):Moses Zira Wanda, Sarah Sawa, Kefas Isa
Paper ID: SIJSCAV1I80007
Pages: 50-58
Full Text (PDF): Download

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